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Our purpose is to curate and deliver a monthly self-care subscription box that empowers individuals to prioritize their well-being, fostering a journey of intentional self-care, discovery and mindfulness. Through thoughtfully selected products, resources, and experiences, we aim to inspire and support our community in cultivating a lifestyle of self-care, balance, and vitality for anyone who wants, needs or enjoys self-care.

With the heavy loads and obligations you are constantly taking on from everyone around you, it is only right you take a moment of stillness to yourself and indulge in this self-care box. Everything CEO is a gentle reminder to take a break, pamper yourself, and recharge.

  • Here's some stuff

  • Every other month you'll receive a self care box of $75+ value.

  • Unbox balance, peace and happiness

  • Relieve stress, uplift the spirit, and improve overall well-being

  • An amazing gift of self care to someone you care about

  • Discover and support small businesses

  • Cancel at any time

This subscription box is filled with thoughtful curated self-care essentials to balance your body, mind and soul. From luxury skincare and beauty must-haves to fashion accessories and more, the box comes with products designed to help you focus on your self-care. Look forward to 5-7 surprise products in each box every other month with self-care essentials intentionally curated with you in mind.

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